As little as 8 hours of exposure to Roundup® can increase the risk of getting cancer!

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Roundup® has been widely used in home and commercial settings throughout the United States since the product was first released by Monsanto in 1974. For decades, believing it was safe, millions of people have inadvertently exposed themselves to the Roundup®.

Research shows that anyone who directly uses Roundup® or lives in an area where Roundup® is used regularly, faces a risk of developing lymphoma, myeloma, or leukemia.

What does “Roundup® Exposure” mean?

Being exposed to Roundup® means that you have worked with the product yourself, and sprayed Roundup® on your weeds or you live close to an area that is frequently sprayed with Roundup®. Exposure to a substance can occur by inhalation, accidental ingestion or direct contact.